A Frenchie at Mom’s Work

Photo: Fred Siegal

My mommy is a sports broadcaster and commentator. She commentates for a show called Combate Americas, an MMA promotion. Today I got to go to see her do some interviews. All these big muscular guys checking my mom out, was not nice.

I am really relax, but when mommy left me with this stranger and went to the other room, I went a little crazy. I could hear her but I couldn’t see her and it was so weird.

After, she started carrying me. And everybody, I mean everybody was coming up to me to say hello and of course I got the typical “OMG, you are so cute”, it’s like I am the cutest frenchie ever.

When I was on my way to the car, in my stroller, Fred Siegal, a great photographer, took this great pics of mom and me. What you think?  I have to admit mom is cute but I am way cutter, right?

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