Allergy towards my organic food!

My mommy would do anything to make me last forever; she knows how much food influences in the development and long life of all of us, doggies. Since my mommy bought me from the breeder she had me on Royal Canine for French Bulldogs, to be honest I never had any issues with my food. I would eat it as directed, I liked its taste and my fur was shinny.

She started to research about having me in all organic, grain free and raw foods diet. The research agreed that this was the best way to go. She started me in one of the top brands of organic, grain free foods in the marker, Honest Kitchen. Honest Kitchen was also recommended by a couple of French Bulldog owners and the reviews online are great as well. Unfortunately, all breeds are not the same and just because the food is made from top quality products does not mean all of us will respond to food the same way.

I love the taste of Honest kitchen; I would devour my food. Lamentably, I was always hungry and I was pooping like 9 times a day. My mom knew that I wasn’t retaining food the right way. I started losing weight and after 4 weeks I started to get bumps on my skin. My mom was so worried about the weight loss that she added additional organic meat.

One day, I was with mom at the doggy park and met a couple that has 4 frenchies. They are actually French Bulldog breeders, and when she started telling them my symptoms, before she mention she had switched me to an organic diet, they told her that the symptoms were from an organic diet. They explained that very few brands had the resources to do the necessary tests for each individual breed, each breed had different needs. To test if it was really the food, my mom switch me back to Royal Canine. My poop immediately regulated, I only pooped twice that day and in a matter of days I was back to my normal weight. My skin bumps also started to go away and in a matter of days my coat was shinny and without the bumps.

Hope my story can help you and if you have any of this symptoms may be your food.

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