Ollie, the best dog food meal delivery

Hello my dear friends,


On one of my previous post I mention all the skin problems I was having because of my foods, if you want to read more about this click here. Well, this got worst! I started having really bad allergies. Mommy had to take me to the emergency room and specialist until one day we met another Frenchie and my mom ask the pawrents what they fed her. That is when OLLIE came into my life. They told mommy that Ollie was a special meal specific for each dog with all natural food and delivered to our home.

When mommy got home she took a look at the site http://www.myollie.com/ and my amazing journey started. Ollie teamed up with canine nutritionists to develop cooking methods and personalized formulas through a kickass algorithm and they made it super easy for humans with packaging that keeps it fresh, measuring the perfect portion in case they feed us before their morning coffee… and delivering it to our aka home.

I had no issues what so ever with the transition from dried food to my Ollie food. I have been on the Ollie meals for over a month now, my allergies and skin bumps have gone away. I have gain 4 pound and my skin looks super shinny. The Ollie plans also come with a bag of probiotics that look like a bone and taste delicious. Ollie has a great special on your first order. Try it and let me know what you think and how your life changes. Click here for more info!

Much love and talk to you soon on my next post.


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